Go-go boots

  Collar is the most distinctive attribute of a dress shirt that dictates style, fashion and look of a shirt. When looking for different popular types of collars, Curved collar is one of them. Curved collar is straight collar from outside while curves from inside, away from the face. Curved collar may bring subtle difference in your personality. While it also sets wearer apart from traditional classical collar look. Curved collar looks similar to cutaway collar as it perfectly suits with tie of double Windsor knot. You can also combine curved collar with French cuffs and athletic fitting shirt to get a matchless style.

  Unfortunately, men will not be able to find curved wedding dresses 2013 collar dress shirt in off the rack stock. This is because of the fact that readymade shirts are only stitched in traditional collar. To get what you want, you will have to consider online custom dress shirts, who stitch exceptional custom shirts with full customization options like collars, placket, cuffs, pleats, yoke, fitting, etc.

  There are plenty of 70s fancy dress costumes to choose from online which enable you to unleash your inner Saturday Night Fever John Travolta. Dig out your platform shoes, buy the biggest flares you can find and a bright (or even a lam gold) frilly shirt. If you were too young to experience the 70s now is the time to catch up and really go all out! Accessories your 70s disco look with a huge afro wig, retro shiny medallions and a stick-on handlebar moustache. A chest wig completes the look like nothing else.

  For the ladies who want to look both fun and glamorous, this prom dresses 2013 can be achieved with a flirty mini-dress with a psychedelic 70s pattern. Many such 70s fancy dress costumes even come with a matching headband, meaning you can achieve a complete look for around 20 cheaper than a regular dress for a night out! These dresses are great fancy dress costumes for those who want to still look great while in fancy dress. For something a little more eye catching why not channel Diana Ross with a silver sequined dress, go-go boots, afro wig and inflatable microphone? You go disco diva!